Helicon, Ltd


Helicon, Ltd. has been a registered and active company in Ukraine since 2009. Our business is to provide laboratory facilities with laboratory equipment for electrophoresis and PCR, dosing devices, laboratory plastics and other consumables and reagents produced by leading foreign companies.

Our partners to date are companies ULPlast (Poland), MVR / QSP (USA), SSI (U.S.), Amresco (USA), Helicon (Russia), DNA Technology (Russia).

Since the company was founded, Helicon, Ltd. has been working closely with Helicon (Russia). Helicon, Ltd. is an exclusive supplier of Helicon products in Ukraine.

Since 2009, Helicon, Ltd. has also been working closely with DNA Technology (Russia). Helicon, Ltd.. is an exclusive supplier of DNA Technology products in Ukraine.



Ukraine, Kyiv
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